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Enjoyment Work
— a Digital Garden 🌱

A Digital Garden: Capturing my daily thoughts and progress, as well as curated ideas with unique synthesis--a personal zettelkasten.

Welcome to Brennan's Digital Garden!

This project was started in late 2020 and serves a couple purposes:

  1. Catalouge of Notes
  2. Daily Progress Journal
  3. Blog

In essence, this is the dream website that I've always wanted to make since I began tinkering with HTML over ten years ago.

This is my space for Notes, saving and highlighting Articles and other Links. Yes, basically a personal wiki, although becoming known as a Second Brain,

What is a Digital Garden?

Sections of the Garden

You can browse current and past Projects. These are mainly small Vancouver focused things, I’m pretty busy as the founder of Fission. (Check out the Fission blog.)

Starting with the Startup note, there are various recommendations, products, and recommendations to explore.

If I haven’t sent it to you already, you should read When Tailwinds Vanish: The Internet in the 2020s.

These are my notes. Basically a collection of links to a small subset of all the things I’ve written that seem worth keeping around, assorted into piles, occassionally reviewed and re-organized into a tower of beliefs, standing the test of time (for now, at least). My less filtered thoughts and rough notes are kept in this Dropbox Paper doc.

The current iteration of this website is a Jekyll static site using the minimialist sidey theme hosted on Netlify via this Github repo.

This site is the latest incarnation of a personal website that has been morphing into weird shapes since 1998. Here’s a version from 2019, here’s one from a bit before that. Find even older versions here, and here, and here, and here.

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Sidenotes and Marginnotes

Of what use are such wide margins when you can't make efficient use of them. Fear not, we have a way to handle that too — MarginnotesThere are two types of people, those who have taste and those who don't. And anyone who has even a tiny bit of taste will never, never-ever use footnotes over sidenotes.
—Some random blogger who shall remain unamed
. For what it's worth, when you stroll down a garden, you don't ever see a flower bloom 10 miles away from the plant do you? This is where sidenotes come in and replace their paper-era sibling ie., footnotes. If it is relevant you see it right there. (No scrolling = No cognitive strain). The entire idea is to allow users to have a pleasant time on your blog i.e., Not too distracting(offputting), not too mesmerizing, just the right amount of ornamentation to allow seamless reading experienceI see it as an issue of managing & exposing the length. Some readers want to go as deep as you can take them, but others are frustrated if you block them from moving on. I deal with it by use of collapsible sections+abstracts, margin notes, and explicit topics in list items.
—Tweet by Gwern Branwen
. The added advantage we have with this website is it has wide margins allowing us to use both sides for sidenotes. So we can use them for quotations, small snippets, and also for interactive/expository animations.

Words can be like X-rays, if you use them properly—they’ll go through anything. You read and you’re pierced.

—Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

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// In the following example we have stored the strings in a String array and we are using nested for loops to compare adjacent strings in the array, if they are not in order we are swapping them using a temporary string variable temp.
public class JavaExample {
   public static void main(String []args) {
	String str[] = { "Ajeet", "Steve", "Rick", "Becky", "Mohan"};
	String temp;
	System.out.println("Strings in sorted order:");
	for (int j = 0; j < str.length; j++) {
   	   for (int i = j + 1; i < str.length; i++) {
		// comparing adjacent strings
		if (str[i].compareTo(str[j]) < 0) {
			temp = str[j];
			str[j] = str[i];
			str[i] = temp;

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